NONSUCH as the name suggests means ‘unparalleled’. Going back into time, one comes across Nonsuch in British History. In the county of Surrey situated in the South of England there is a school of some renown, built on the site of Nonsuch Palace, which belonged to Henry VIII (the famous Henry of 6 wives fame) back in the 16th century. The school emblem is a ‘Tudor Rose’. The closest town to the school is Ewell, in turn close to Epson, famous for the horse races.

Records have it that the present Nonsuch Estate is made up of five small estates namely Nonsuch Estate, Upper Droog Estate, Avoca Estate, Ibex Lodge Estate and Ripplevale Estate. Ripplevale Estate was merged with Ibex Lodge Estate in the late 1800’s and since then the composition of the present estate is related to the remaining four estates. Title Deeds reveal that land was first purchased in 1863. Thereafter, numerous proprietors owned the four estates. In the second half of 1924, the estates were brought under one umbrella and ‘The Nonsuch Tea Estates Limited’ came in to existence.

Nonsuch is a single block of Tea situated at an average elevation of 5500 feet above mean sea level. The extent of the estate is 427 hectares out of which 356 hectares are planted with tea. 80% of the area comprises old seedling tea bushes and the remaining 20% is with UPASI (United Planters Association of Southern India) clones. Placed as it is, the estate receives 80% of its annual rainfall of 130 cms in October-November. The temperature can dip to a minimum of –6 degrees celsius in December – January. The maximum temperatures of around 30 degrees celsius are recorded in June –July every year. August is the time for the land winds to show their fury.

With an average annual production of 850,000 kilograms of black tea, Nonsuch boasts of one of the finest ‘ Nilgiris High Grown Orthodox Teas’. The teas are manufactured from the estates own leaf. The two factories viz. Nonsuch and Ibex Lodge have sufficient capacity to annually manufacture over a million kilograms. One of the oldest and most popular packet tea from the Nilgiris, the estate is the supplier to the ‘The Presidents, Household, Rashtrpati Bhawan, New Delhi’. It also supplies teas to the Tea Shops in various five star hotels in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The ‘Nonsuch Orthodox Tea Bags’ have been launched and are gaining popularity with the connoisseurs of tea drinking.

Situated 12 kms from Coonoor town, the estate overlooks the plains of Karamadai on the southern side and Coonoor town on the north. Overlooking the Coonoor town and its rail and road approach from Mettupalayam is the Nonsuch Bungalow, which houses the NoneSuch Retreat. The Ibex Lodge Bungalow, formerly a hunting lodge is situated on the edge of the hills overlooking the plains. From here, on a clear night you get a glimpse of the suburbs of Coimbatore. It is like viewing a million lights from an aircraft. The Ibex Lodge Bungalow possesses one of the most beautifully laid out lawns and garden. In May you see the breathtaking prize-winning garden. With a variety of over 200 flowers, Nonsuch invariably gets the first prize for the ‘best manicured lawn & most beautiful garden in the Nilgiris’ in the segment for estate bungalows. More...

Our Packet tea consists of: -
  1. Broken Orange Pekoe in 500gms, 250 gms and 100 gms.

  2. Dust supreme Pouches in 250 gms.

  3. Tea Bags boxes in 100, 50 and 25 Nos.

The overflow from the Packet Teas is offered in the three auction centers.

  • Cochin

  • Coimbatore

  • Coonoor

We have a resident labor force of 600 employees. Housing, water, electricity connections, medical facilities, schools and recreational facilities are provided by the company. The total resident population on the estate is around 4000.

The Tea manufactured by us conforms to the pesticide and other residue levels prescribed by the EU. Checks for the residue levels are carried out by independent organizations.

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